Monday, April 7, 2014

Awakening Kenya to a Love for Israel

Kenya is making a shift and moving her roots towards covenant. If you are a leader in Kenya or in the diaspora we encourage you not miss this great gathering. Such meeting will change a destiny of a nation.

Destiny is calling Kenya to align herself to covenant blessings! This conference will awaken the nation to the urgency to align with Israel and generational and historical curses will be destroyed as the Abrahamic blessings take over!

Join us at Nairobi Pentecostal Church - Valley Road Nairobi, Kenya on:
- Friday May 23rd 9AM, 2PM & 7PM
- Saturday May 24th 9AM, 2PM & 4PM

Hosted by: Apostle Elistan & Treza Supeyo from JoyBringers Ministries Seattle, WA

Guest Speakers include:
-Ann Tate from Glory of Zion Ministries TX, USA
-Dr. Lori Greenwood from Joybringers Ministries WA, USA
-Apostle Kimani William from Kingdom Seekers Nakuru, Kenya
-Bishop Stanely Michuki from Kenya National Congress
-Bishop Peter Mankura from Dominion Chapel Kajiado, Kenya
-Bishop William Tumising from Deliverence Church in Nairobi, Kenya
-Bishop Joshua Mulinge from God's House of Miracles in Nairobi, Kenya
-Pastor Tom Ochieng, Representative of Christians United for Israel

Worship lead by:
-Nelly Nemayian
-Pastor Pat Njoroge
-Florence Murethii
-Charity Nashipae
-Evelyne Adhiambo (Prophetic Worship)

For more information call:
0723-670-248, 0733-740-175, or 1-206-902-6348